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[pdf] Organisation of District Level Inservice Teacher Training Programme-NEW.pdf 3.5 MB 07-Nov-2018
[xlsx] RPs for Languages (Tel, Hindi, Eng) and Headmasters.xlsx 12.4 KB 07-Nov-2018
[xlsx] Participants List of Headmasters and School Assistant of Telugu, English, Hindi.xlsx 63.5 KB 07-Nov-2018
[docx] Proceedings for Non Residential Training Programme at Divisional Level in 2 Spells.docx 15.3 KB 07-Nov-2018
[xlsx] Participants List of School Assistants of PS, BS, Maths and Social.xlsx 64.4 KB 07-Nov-2018
[xlsx] RPs for Non_Languages (Maths, PS, BS & SS).xlsx 13.9 KB 07-Nov-2018
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